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At La Cañada Flintridge Country Club, you will escape to a mountain resort just minutes from DTLA.  With magnificent views in every direction, LCFCC is one of the most complete, family-friendly private clubs in all of Southern California.


The Club

Mid century hip. Breathtaking setting. LCF Country Club awaits.


LCFCC Memberships. Where family, neighbors, and friends meet to enjoy life to the fullest.


Special Events

Breathtaking facilities available to the public for events.

Golf course at La Canada Flintridge Country Club


Escape to a mountain resort just minutes from DTLA.

Club Specials


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Top 100 reasons you belong!

Stay Married!

Enjoy Date Night every Friday at the Club. We take care of the kids with dinner, a movie and crafts, and you enjoy time together without interruptions.

Yep, it’s true! Couples making time to be together at least once a week are markedly more likely to enjoy high-quality relationships and lower divorce rates.

Reason #23

Live a Longer Life by Improving Your Social Connections

Yep, playing more golf and tennis and hanging out at the Club just may add a few years onto your lifespan. According to a study conducted a few years ago, a healthy social life may be as good for your long-term health as avoiding cigarettes!

Reason #42

Family Time/Stress Reduction and the Vitamin D is Free!

LCFCC designs family events in our resort-like setting to bring generations together for wholesome exercise, tennis and fun golf clinics, parties, holiday celebrations and dining. No cooking, no dishes, no electronic distractions, just the great outdoors. And the vitamin D is free!

Reason #14

Improve your Mental Health with a Vacation Every Weekend, Right Here at the Club!

No Need to Plan (or pay for) a weekend getaway. There’s always something happening at the Club. Let us plan the fun and clean up afterwards. With summer camps, swim team, swim lessons, celebrations like our Halloween Bash or Santa Brunch, or adult evenings with wine tastings or special six- course wine dinners, we’ve got the vacation planned for you.

Reason #79

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease, Depression, and Stress with Exercise and Time with Family and Friends

With a fitness facility, year round lap swimming, golf and tennis for the whole family, our Club has it all. Did you know that golf reduces stress, allows for better sleep, improves vision and heart rate, which in turn is good for the brain?

Reason #5

Ease Financial Stress for Better Health

You might be surprised to discover that when you add up all the activities and facilities that our Club offers, including our fitness facility, year round swimming pool, special events, and camps, combined with savings on the occasional weekend getaway now enjoyed here at the Club, you might actually save money by joining.

Reason #47